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Customers Guns

Dear Sir,

I wanted to write and say that I am very pleased with the grips I purchased from you. They make my Star BM a thing of beauty. Attached are images for your enjoyment. Feel free to use them on your website if you wish.



I have had so many requests for grips like these but unfortunately wood is like fingerprints and can never be duplicated.

What a difference!


Axis Deer horn grips.  Axis horn furnished by customer

Astra 75 L  9mm with Buckeye Burl grips - Special order

Got the grips.  They are beautiful.  Here's how they look on my firestar.

B. Smoot

Copyright 4S Brand

Beautiful. Thank you I got the grips today. Very nice Don

I have been around 58 years and know great service and quality products when I see them. I received the grips 10 minutes ago and put then on in 5 min....perfect fit.