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Customers Guns

Dear Sir,

I wanted to write and say that I am very pleased with the grips I purchased from you. They make my Star BM a thing of beauty. Attached are images for your enjoyment. Feel free to use them on your website if you wish.



Star BM Star A

I have had so many requests for grips like these but unfortunately wood is like fingerprints and can never be duplicated.

Llama III

What a difference!


Llama III-A Axis Horn on 1911

Axis Deer horn grips.  Axis horn furnished by customer

Buckeye Burl on model 70 Astra

Astra 75 L  9mm with Buckeye Burl grips - Special order

Fiddle Back Walnut on Star 40

Got the grips.  They are beautiful.  Here's how they look on my firestar.

B. Smoot

Copyright 4S Brand

Ziricote on Star BM Beautiful. Thank you Checkered Rosewood on Atar A I got the grips today. Very nice Don Burl Maple on Star BM

I have been around 58 years and know great service and quality products when I see them. I received the grips 10 minutes ago and put then on in 5 min....perfect fit.


Fiddle Back Walnut on Star B Texas Mesquite on Star BM Thank you for everything, I will be a returning customer in the near future  D.L Giraffe Bone on 1911 Officers Giraffe Bone Texas Mesquite Fiddleback Walnut Burl Maple Ziracote Buckeye Burl Axis Deer Fiddleback Walnut Burl White Oak on Star BM Zebrawood or Zebrano on Star BM Burl White Oak Zebrawood Checkered Rosewood Very pleased, nice quality. Thanks Look / fit great! Thanks, Kent Grips look and fit great! Any tips for care? Wow! Eric